Two workshops were held to bring together key players to identify important resources, constraints and opportunities to developing novel value chains and creating sustainable business models, to feed into subsequent activities in WP8 and elsewhere in the project.

The first workshop named “Sustainable municipal and agricultural waste management and the possibility of applying advanced technologies for waste utilization” was organized in Zagreb and the Island of Krk as part of a larger three day event co-hosted with the Bin2Grid project, from 13-15 October 2016.  This workshop was aimed at “local participants” with a particular emphasis on activities in and related to the food and beverage (FAB) industry in Croatia.

A second more project-focussed workshop entitled “Barriers and Opportunities to Valorising Agri-food wastes, co-products and by-products (AWCBs)” was held in Brussels, Belgium to gain attendance of stakeholders from a wider geographic spread across the EU. This was held on 26 January 2017 at the Catalonia Trade & Investment office, Rue de la Loi 227, Brussels.

Presentations from the event in Brussels have been uploaded to the project’s YouTube Channel: